Sneak SHRIEK: Tim Platt's "What a Terrible Night"


BEHOLD, on this Pre-Hallow's Week, we present to you both tricks and treats. Available right now on the Rude Tales Patreon feed is Tim Platt's "What a Terrible Night," a decadent and terrifying descent into the cobwebbed, eldritch corners of Tim Platt's mind. WHAT HORRORS LURK BENEATH?? WHAT TERROR WAITS AHEAD?? WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH TIM'S OBSESSION WITH EDIBLE SLIMES, i.e. HONEY, SAP, TOMATO SAUCE, ETC?? Only by entering the creaky door of the Rude Tales patreon may your mind come face to face with these unknowable forms. Enter....if you dare.

BE FOREWARNED: The episode you are about to experience is haunted by unearthly frights, dark eroticism, twisted irreverence, and Deth. 

Tim Platt runs a game of What A Terrible Night by Logan Dean with a SCAR-studded cast of Taylor GORE, Ali Fisher-OF-MEN, Joe LeGORE, Christopher BEEstings, and Carly MonardGORE. Will they make it out of this HAUNTed House alive? Or will they DIE? Bwa ha ha! I, Tim Platt, edited the ep too so manage GORE expectations!

Logan Dean made a great game and you can get it here:

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