TEASER: Tim Platt's Honey Heist

Last year Tim Platt (Stirfry, Smellulus, Tim Platt, Davo) decided to try and run his own game of Honey Heist. Thank god we recorded it, because it must be heard to be believed. Unfortunately the audio had severe problems. Now, a year later, it has been fully restored, and this ABSOLUTE TREASURE of a game is being released today on our patreon. Here is but one sublime taste of the absolute FEAST that awaits you over on the patreon. We'll see you in two weeks when we return to Cordelia. Until then, Heist this Honey, grizzly mama.

Produced by Kodiak Sanders

Starring Branson Reese, Ali Fisher, Joe Lepore, Christopher Hastings, Taylor Moore and the entire contents of Tim Platt's subconscious mind.

Grant Howitt (wonderful, handsome, friend of the show) wrote Honey Heist. We recommend anything by him.

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