Shorties Can Run (w/ Fumi Abe)

Comedian and writer Fumi Abe joins Greta on this episode to take us through the maze of his high school life from being an athlete, to musical performer, to being too cool for his band-nerd crush. This giggly episode of the cliche movie high school experience in Ohio concludes in the formation of Greta and Fumi's new emo pop band! What a journey. Plus, we hear a classmate's corner about the impact of teachers' words.


Knock Knock! If you want the Guidance Counselor (Greta) to give you advice from your high school past, email [email protected] with the subject line "Classmates Corner" with a brief description of what you want to get off your chest from your youth! Who knows, maybe Greta and her next guest will read your submission and offer some sound guidance...

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