Roll the dice! Spin the wheel! Pull the lever! That’s right, it’s casino time. The most depressing places on earth can sometimes also be the most fun. This week we’re talking all about how to win big and avoid the pit boss at all costs.

London! We’re coming to see you as part of the London Podcast Festival at Kings Place. Tickets are on sale now at for our one and only London show on September 15th at 9:30pm. Grab ‘em while they’re hot!

Also be sure to check out our friends’ new-ish podcast, The BrainFood Show. The BrainFood Show is a podcast brought to you by the team behind the wildly popular TodayIFoundOut YouTube channel. The podcast does deep dives into historical curiosities- everything from how famed enlightenment thinker Voltaire made his fortune by helping to rig the lottery to that time Julius Caesar was captured by pirates and the hilarity that ensued… on iTunes at

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