The Sopranos

What in the gabagool!?! That’s right, this week we’re talking all about the show that turns 20 years old this week and changed television forever: The Sopranos. Tim likes it so much that he read a book about it even. A book about a TV show, what’ll they think of next huh folks? Tom’s seen a few episodes here and there as well.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the official launch of our brand new show Books: The Podcast available exclusively through the TCGTE Patreon. Each week on Books: The Podcast we’ll be diving deep into one of the many old and modern day classics. Tim and Tom switch off book for book and have to explain the book to the other, then at the end we watch a movie based on it and see how they measure up. We’re kicking things off with a classic The Great Gatsby, as read by Tim. Check out for more information and to listen to the first episode for free!

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