The Complete Guide to Everything

with Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels


This week we talk: Splitsider Podcast Network! Then we talk about Vampires, Draculas, Greek mythology, peaking at bar trivia night, Romania, finding out that vampire people don't like Twilight, Paul Simon's Graceland as a characterature of African music, Tim accuses Tom of being into vampires, Tom's cloak budget, vampires being the result of the internet not being around, erogenous zones, True Blood, elaborate nude puppets, using virgin boys and stallions to find vampires in a graveyard, shooting a bullet through a casket, severing tendons, guessing how horrible Romania is and full of sad ice cream trucks, putting a head between your butt, Casper never forgets, poppy seeds and sand and OCD, swamp things, un-undead, resistant cases, being afraid of someone choking on their own vomit and having to turn them over, making sure people don't become vampires and also not killing them, saxons just put a lemon in your mouth, burying Tim alive, why vampires can't come in unless you invite them, vampires are anxious, tasting your own blood, how hard it would be to put a stake through someone's heart, Tom names all the erogenous zones, crashing funerals with your dogs, a follow-up on Bozo the clown at the Williamsburg italian festival, Tim reveals his secret childhood desire to be a clown, a problem where a guy wants to move out to marry his girlfriend but is worried about what will happen to his roommate, before talking more about Splitsider.