E[isode 92: Mightier Than Sword #4 (With Guest Cameron Gearen)

This week, Stephanie Spaulding and I are back with Mightier Than the Sword, the bi-monthly advice podcast for writers. In this episode we welcome our first guest: author, essayist, and poet Cameron Gearen. Cameron joins us remotely from her hometown of Chicago with insightful, practical advice on how to deal with the bane of every writer’s existence: writer’s block. Whether the case is chronic or acute, Cameron, Stephanie, and I offer up our go-to prescriptions. A useful takeaway for every writer suffering from this frustrating affliction is guaranteed. Cameron’s brilliant collection of poetry, Some Perfect Year, was recently published, so she knows what she's talking about. It’s a fun and enlightening conversation. And, if you have any writing questions, please send them our way at with “Mightier Than the Sword” in the subject line. Stephanie and I would love to feature them on an upcoming episode.

Next week: new writer, new story! I’ll be joined by writer Danny Stone. He’s got a great story to share. Shoulda Swiped Left is up after that. Hannah and Jake will be checking in to tell of on-line dating developments in Hannah’s life. Do you have a dating story you’d like to share? Send it along to with “Shoulda Swiped Left” in the subject line. We want to hear from you!

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