Episode 102: Matricidal Maniac

This week on The Easy Chair: “Matricidal Maniac” by none other than Mightier Than the Sword co-host and gifted, ever-popular writer Stephanie Spaulding. In this tale, which we want you to note is 100% fictional, honest, Christine’s excruciatingly embarrassing mother travels to Manhattan to spend time with her daughter, and Christine’s annoyance explodes into an array of colorful death fantasies. Not that Christine wants to kill her mother- she knows where to draw the line- but maybe she wouldn’t mind if Mom was the victim of a bus crash, or an ice fishing accident, or a stroke. Parental relationships are complicated, and maybe, just maybe, what goes on in our heads is not the same as what goes on in our hearts. Stephanie’s deft story explores the interface between shock and hilarity. You will not want to miss one of my favorite Easy Chair episodes EVER.

Next week: It’s Mightier Than the Sword, and Steph and I candidly share the results of our peer editing project swap. The week after that: Shoulda Swiped Left, with Hannah and Jake. Send writing questions/insights or dating stories to We want to hear from you!

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