Episode 116: Margot, Sheila, and Fat Barbie (featuring Stephanie Spaulding)


This week on The Easy Chair: With fall upon us, get cozy and take a listen to this tale full of hilariously histrionic domestic confusion. “Margot, Sheila, and Fat Barbie” by Mightier Than the Sword co-host Steph Spaulding is about the juggling act of modern-day family life. Lawyer Margot, a warrior for social justice, is married to stay-at-home spouse Sheila, who spends her days ISO happiness and identity. Their family includes Molly, Sheila’s daughter from her first marriage to stoic, kindhearted Joe, and Leo, Margot’s son by serial sperm donor Franco. In this story, the focus is on Mattel’s "groundbreaking" product line: Fat Barbie. To buy, or not to buy? That is the question! This story will make you laugh out loud while pondering some complicated cultural truths.

Next week, I will be launching a new feature: Heart to Heart, a once a month sit-down with friend and therapist/healer Jane Gross. Together, we explore the interface between heart and art. If you’re like me, navigating the artistic life generates more questions than answers, which is where Jane comes in. She offers insight gleaned from experience and intuition, plus some practical tools for living an abundantly creative life.

As always, any questions or thoughts you’d like to share with me, Steph, or Jane can be directed to

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