Episode 117: Mightier Than the Sword #17


Today, on The Easy Chair: Mightier Than the Sword, with co-host Steph Spaulding. Steph and I are all about #metoo. We have much to discuss, from first-hand harassment, the strange paralysis of the pivotal calling-out moment, and the importance of standing up and speaking out regardless. We talk Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen’s defense of Harvey Weinstein, and Lindy West’s brilliant, scorching feminist takedown of both. Call it a focused, thoughtful, and brutally honest rant. We may not name names, but we both really want to, and we’re working on it. If you have something you’d like to add to this timely conversation, please email us at Steph and I will be delighted to share your views (even if they don’t align with ours!) on our next podcast.

Next week is the intrepid launch of a new feature: Heart to Heart, a once a month sit-down with friend and artist/healer Jane Gross. Together, we explore the interface between heart and creativity. If you’re like me, navigating the creative life generates more questions than answers, which is where Jane comes in. She offers insight gleaned from experience and intuition, plus some practical tools for living an abundantly creative life.

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