Episode 132: Before and After (with Deborah Zervas)

Today, on The Easy Chair: “Before and After,” by returning guest author Deborah Zervas, who shares her artfully crafted essay about the calling into being of her New Haven home. For years Deb and her husband Bruce have worked mindfully on their house. While windows and aluminum siding were being replaced, a blueprint of what defines them, tangible and intangible, materialized. Renovation proved to be an undertaking of hand, eye, intellect, and soul. This podcast is about real estate not to be flipped, but lived in; cherished, with reverence for the past, joy in the present, and room for the future. Deb’s exploration of the concept of home, lasting and transitory, will stay with you for a long time. Listeners wanting a glimpse of the house (and a dive into more of her insightful prose), go to her website MUSE @ https://muse.deborahzervas.com/

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