Episode 135: Heart to Heart

Today on The Easy Chair, it’s another episode of Heart to Heart, healing wisdom for creative souls, with my co-host, Jane Gross. Jane, who is by trade(s) an artist and a healer, addresses a subject that I (and most of us) struggle with: finding compassion. I share an anecdote from my stress-filled, travel-filled past couple of weeks, in which an airline glitch and surly gate agent are the straws that break this camel’s back. Jane offers some calming wisdom for anxious, reactive moments such as these. The two things that are most often jettisoned in tense situations are serenity and perspective, and Jane’s wise advice will help you regain yours in the times you are struggling to hang on. Join us for a conversation that hums with Jane’s trademark insight, honesty, and warmth. And hold on...try my fabulous Jake's Mom's chocolate chip Cookies! On sale this month, 10% off. Just visit jakesmomcookies.com and enter the offer code Mama at checkout. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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