Episode 136: Stories from the Road, with guest author Shawn Anderson

This week on The Easy Chair, Steph and I host a Mightier Than the Sword that will turn you around. Dynamic guest motivational author, Shawn Anderson, has inspired people all over the world with his “extra mile” message. He shows by example—pedaling across the U.S. twice, walking across England, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and Portugal, and sparking connections and creating adventures in 40 plus countries around the globe. He is six (soon to be seven) times published, and, if you’re anything like me and Steph, you’ll find his positive message about living your best life deeply inspiring. Shawn shares accounts of two of his favorite on-the-road encounters—one with an Amish grandfather named Eli, and the other with a guy who calls himself Jamaican Snoop Dogg. Those wanting to learn more about Shawn and Extra Mile Mission, go to http://www.shawnanderson.com/. This podcast is guaranteed to move you.

And wait! There’s more! Today’s episode is brought to you by Ritual, daily vitamins for women that are simple, effective, and backed by real science. I am coming off a 21-day challenge to make these vitamins part of my ritual every morning, and I feel different—stronger, more energetic—than I did three weeks ago. Just go to ritual.com/easychair to start your month subscription. I did!

Finally, a special nod to Yusef Islam, a.k.a. Cat Stevens. At the top of the show is his lovely instrumental lead-in to the song “On the Road to Find Out.”

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