Episode 147: Bad Neighbor Part 1

This week on The Easy Chair: I welcome back returning guest author Deborah Zervas for part one of her two-part story, Bad Neighbor. What does it mean to be a good neighbor? Perhaps a more relevant (and story-specific) question is, what does it take to make a bad neighbor? The narrator in this wry fictional tale is, like Deborah Zervas herself, a Midwest transplant to a Northeast city. She was raised with regional rules of civility, but a series of unfortunate neighbors seem hellbent on disabusing her of that idealistic notion. Deborah’s story follows an atypical (for The Easy Chair, at least) downward trajectory. It is by turns shocking and hilarious. Peeping Toms and tree Nazis, you’re on notice! Whether you’re appalled or laughing like crazy, you’re going to love listening to this story, and you will not want to miss part two next week.

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