Episode 152: Heart to Heart

This week on The Easy Chair: another episode of Heart to Heart, healing wisdom for creative souls, with co-host, artist, licensed therapist, and dear friend Jane Gross. Sometimes we are unwitting recipients of unanticipated negative reactions. From fielding angry emails and hurtful texts to facing the jerk who screams at you as you try your best to merge into traffic, we sometimes must confront negativity that blindsides us. What if the first reaction was calm, rather than frantic? Jane has some great tips on how to cultivate our ability to step back, rather than lash out, to sit with upset, rather than immediately push it away. Jane and I have both been working on this in our own lives with varying degrees of success, and we share our experiences with the knowledge that owning our reactions is not only the best way forward, it offers tremendous opportunity for growth. It’s always laugh-filled and enlightening when Jane and I collaborate. Tune in!

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