Episode 160: Mightier Than the Sword

Today on The Easy Chair, it’s a very special episode of Mightier Than the Sword. Steph and I recorded this on Steph’s actual 40th birthday. Because it is such a landmark occasion, I agreed to let her surprise me, which meant playing a game that Steph’s been obsessed with of late. Basically, it’s a toned-down philosophical version of “Would You Rather.” Steph poses questions that have us pondering some weighty choices relative to age, mortality, incarceration, and purple feathers vs. pink fur. We also ask you, dear listeners, to belatedly celebrate Steph’s b-day by writing to us with your own Would You Rathers at Any and all submissions will be read on our next podcast. Promise! We want to hear from you. And as Steph says, keep it clean.

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