Episode 163: Mightier Than the Sword

It’s a lively return to Mightier Than the Sword, with co-host Steph Spaulding! We talk about waiting for Hurricane Florence to hit the east coast, and how natural disaster is fodder for the 24 hour news cycle. By the time this podcast is out, the storm will be over, and our speculation about its impact will be either confirmed or proven wrong. Then, it’s time for what I’ve been wanting to do with Steph all week: play one more round of Would You Rather. One question relates to writing, the other relates to time travel and indoor plumbing. Intriguing, no? And please, if you have a would you rather, or a question, or a comment, or anything at all you’d like to say to me and Steph, write to us at We mean it when we say we want to hear from you!

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