Episode 164: Meet Sam!

Today on The Easy Chair: Meet Sam! This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Sam Hurwitz is my spouse, devoted father to our six kids, a brilliant tax lawyer, and a devotee of mysteries/police procedurals. Like me, Sam also has a daily writing practice (okay, his is limited to partnership agreements and estate planning documents, unless you want to count terse emails) but he’s my go-to grammarian, a champion speller, and all-around quirky-cool guy. Even though his son Jake has dubbed him a cabbage, a knapsack, and a troll, nothing could be further from the truth. Tune in, and get acquainted with my sweet, straight-shooter spouse.

Our sponsor this week is Brooklinen. I will continue to sing the praises of these luxurious sheets. Even though I’m sleeping in my same old bed, I feel like I’ve been transported to a five star hotel, thanks to Brooklinen. For 20% off your first order and free shipping, just go to Brooklinen.com and enter promo code chair. You're welcome!

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