Episode 168: Mightier Than the Sword


This week, it’s Mightier Than the Sword! Steph and I discuss the role humor has in the societal processing of challenging events. Here's a special treat: to underscore this theory, I offer “Kegtapping: The Ballad of Brett Kavanaugh” as proof- and Steph and I encourage you to follow this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vBzZAzY8RI) to a fun yet poignant Youtube video I had a hand in. You’ll enjoy it, especially if you share our feelings of devastation about the Kavanaugh hearings some weeks back, because, well, that’s how humor works. Steph and I also talk about the nature of memory and who gets to be believed. As always, it’s an honest discussion that touches on humor with a social and moral conscience…and teeth.

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