Episode 174: Give the Lady What She Wants

This week's episode: “Give the Lady What She Wants”, a winsome, heartbreaking short story by Leslie Pietrzyk. It’s longer than my typical Easy Chair offerings, but trust me, you will love this tale. Set in Chicago in 1982, the narrator is dress shopping with her college roommate, Jess, and Jess’s mother, and since she is the same size as Jess’s younger sister, Linda (a no-show because “shopping is bourgeois”) she is recruited/volunteers to try on dresses in Linda’s stead. Entitled Jess and her mom have a love of shopping that crosses the line into unhealthy obsession, and their day spent combing through every dress in an entire department store spirals into something darker. What is thought and what is said, what is heard and what is overheard, breaks hours spent in close quarters into fragments that expose our vulnerability and our loneliness. Tune in to this beautiful story.

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