Episode 178: The Lochyille Horror

This week on The Easy Chair, “The Lochyville Horror”, the third progressive story created by the extended Hurwitz family. At our actual winter retreat at a rustic home in the Catskills, we team-wrote a story about a free-spirited family vacationing in the remote hamlet of Lochyville. After a lunch at Nancy’s Diner (the worst tuna east of the Hudson River) the family arrives at an ancient wreck of a house with no customer reviews on Airbnb (even though the owner, a blurry-imaged Mr. Fred Morton, has been a member since 2015). When the youngest family member, Ricky, hears the sound of rain on the roof despite the crystal-clear night, he gets out of bed to look into things, and… well, you’ll have to listen to find out. And here’s a New Year’s Day BONUS: if you are the first one to guess which part was written by my boy Jake, email me at If you’re right, I will personally ship you a free gift pack of my own Jake’s Mom’s Cookies.

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