Episode 226: The Point (by Laura Hurwitz)

Today on The Easy Chair, it's chapter one of my novel that’s been in progress (or arrested development) for quite a spell. I’ve been feeling very connected to Nantucket, the island I love, and prone to the tug of family, past and present. The Point centers on the Folger-Yurofsky family, who’ve been coming to Nantucket all their lives, to a cottage that’s been in their family for decades. Jane and her sister Lucy love the yearly pilgrimage from their lives in Berkeley, California to summers at the comfortably ramshackle cottage on a bluff overlooking Nantucket Sound. This summer, though, is different; they are without their loving grandmother, who passed away suddenly a few months before. Join me for a sweet tale of the power of memory, family, and enduring love.

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