Episode 227: Midnight Morning Update (with Rachael Hurwitz)


Today on The Easy Chair, my guest is my daughter Rachael, and we talk about her indie folk band, Honey Magpie, and their second album, which they recently finished recording. Their single, “Undecided”, comes out on January 24th, 2020—and trust me, I’ll let you know when it drops! In our fun and freewheeling interview, Rachael talks about the things that delighted and/or challenged her during the making of "Midnight Morning". We also talk candidly about Rachael’s creative influences, including her childhood in our never-ever-quiet house with her five siblings. She has a particularly appalling story to share that requires both a sense of humor and a strong stomach. You don’t want to miss this revelation. For an insider’s glimpse into album production and growing up Hurwitz, tune in!

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