Episode 90: Mightier Than the Sword #3 (with Stephanie Spaulding)

This week, it’s Mightier Than the Sword #3! Co-host Stephanie Spaulding and I have a question from a new writer about blogging. Does vetting- something artists in every form turn to, before launching their creative work into the world- have a critical place in the blogger’s universe? Stephanie and I weigh in. Our fears, insecurities, and tendencies to wear our hearts on our pens might surprise you. What makes for a successful blog post? How do we feel when our message is overlooked but our grammar is nitpicked? Find out. This is a freewheeling episode. I go off on tangents, and Steph reins me in. I think this is what they call co-hosting chemistry.

Writers out there- ask us questions! Give us your opinions! Stephanie and I are here for you. Write in to [email protected], with Mightier Than the Sword in the subject line.

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