The Easy Chair

with Laura Hurwitz

Episode 91: Blog Jam

This week’s episode: Blog Jam. I picked some of my favorite posts from my nearly eight-year-old blog, Lolliblog, ranging from funny to reflective. My blog isn’t thematic or even consistent, just the daily musings of a woman who lives to write and is trying her best to put into words the three Es- experience, emotion, and existence. How did I feel about my daughter Eliza's penchant for dressing like her brother? Is it true that the best piece of prose I ever read was written by some high school student on her college application? Do I think that Lizzie Borden ax murdered her parents? And what, or whom, comprises a playdate from hell? Tune in. You will be surprised, but you won’t be disappointed. Promise.

Daters: Email me and Hannah at . com to have your dating story shared (anonymously) on the next episode of Shoulda Swiped Left, with “Shoulda Swiped Left” in the subject line. Writers seeking or offering insights: write to me and Steph Spaulding, same email address, with “Mightier Than the Sword” in the subject line. We ALL want to hear from you!