Episode 96: Sook's Karaoke Palace

This week's episode: “Sook’s Karaoke Palace” an as-told-to-me synthesis of real-life, real-person anecdotes. I’m excited to finally emerge from my post-Trump creativity slump, plus, I really love how the narrative came together. It begins when Dan and his college buddies move off campus to an apartment belonging to Sook, a woman of Korean ancestry, indeterminate age, and endless surprises. Sook can shrug off the blood stains on the rug and doesn’t hesitate to break into Dan’s apartment to test the smoke detector. Dan’s and Sook’s relationship is one that is difficult to explain, and impossible to forget.

Next week, we’re back to Mightier Than the Sword, the advice podcast for writers. Stephanie Spaulding and I cheerfully offer advice and support. The week after that- it’s Shoulda Swiped Left, the podcast where Hannah and I dish about on-line dating and related topics. Jake is coming home for his cousin’s wedding, so he’ll be here to talk to Hannah in person.

To recap: Those with writing questions, email with Mightier Than the Sword in the subject line, and those with sharable dating debacles, same email address, only Shoulda Swiped Left in the subject line. We ALL want to hear from you!

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