Episode106: What's Next

Today on The Easy Chair: “What’s Next,” a cryptic progressive tale brimming with intrigue and hilarity. After their beloved cat Ringo turns up decapitated on their front porch, Allison and Nick flee to a remote lake house. Allison dreams of a sparkly life of lakeside ease while Nick longs to ramp up their “business” in Chicago… or maybe he just wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a dentist. This story has it all: a pontoon boat full of twerking hot cops, champagne burps, and a coveted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The story was written/read by the following folks on vacation in Nantucket in the following order: Me, spouse Sam, daughter Hannah, Hannah’s uber fabulous friend and business partner Melissa Stern, son Jake, daughters Rachael, Sarah, and Eliza, Jake’s stunner of a fiancée Jillian Vogel, and finally, baby of the family, son Micah. Words cannot express how deeply I adore this episode. Also: the first person to catch the crazy ad lib moment and correctly identify it gets a free batch of Jake’s Mom’s Cookies delivered to his/her doorstep. Email your answers to and I will send cookies to the winner post haste.

Today’s episode is brought to you by LOLA feminine products. Steph Spaulding literally insisted on stopping by to promote LOLA because it is THAT GOOD. To try out LOLA, go to MyLola .com and enter the promo code CHAIR for a whopping 60% off your order.

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