Episode127: Snow Day Story

Today on The Easy Chair, “The Composition,” a short story by Chilean author Antonio Skarmeta. The story begins on one sunny spring day, when Pedro’s thoughts are on getting to school on time for once and scoring a goal in soccer in the afternoon neighborhood soccer game. Then, at the game, Pedro's friend Daniel’s father is arrested by the military junta because he is a leftist. The thing is, Pedro’s parents are leftists, too. When Captain Romo, a government officer, shows up one morning at Pedro’s school and assigns the class compositions intended to reveal parental antifascist political beliefs, with a prize going to the best (most revelatory) composition, Pedro puts his pen to paper. He really, really wants a new soccer ball. This is my kind of snow day: cozy inside and the chance to read this winsome, suspenseful narrative about what happens when the innocence of childhood faces the duplicity of oppression. Tune in!

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