Avoiding The News

Niccole and Marcella catch up and talk about the importance of merging friend groups and LA rain. This week's Main Character is ~avoiding the news~ and Marcella and Niccole talk about being inundated with information and the harms of misinformation. Then, a super Spoiler Alert about The Batman and Robert Pattison's unexpected performance. 

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Music courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com 

Nbhd Nick / Like Whoa (Instrumental Version)

Mac Taboel // Gold Rush

Remodal // It’s a Trap

Carvings // Flashes from the Red Sun

Indigo Days // Twenty Years From Now

Rymdklang Soundtracks // A Vivid Dream by an 8 Bit Machine

Photography by Kim Newmoney

Head Inflation by Manuel Abady


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