Live-Tweeting Spoilers

In this episode, Marcella and Niccole discuss the loss of decorum for spoilers on the internet (Talking about you Euphoria fans) and the uproar surrounding this Ted Lasso related tweet. Marcella discusses #Bendergate and why John DiMaggio should have been invited to the Futurama reboot. Last, they discuss the loss of casual friendships due to the pandemic. -----

Follow Marcella and Niccole!Twitter & IG: @marcellacomedy & @niccolethurman-----Music courtesy of 

  • Ritchie Everett / The Hipcat Swagger
  • Daxten, Wai / So Curious (Instrumental Version)
  • Nbhd Nick / Like Whoa by (Instrumental Version)


Photography by Kim NewmoneyHead Inflation by Manuel Abady-----

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