White Girl Weekend


For this week’s Main Character, Marcella and Niccole talk about Britney Spear’s new freedom and Taylor Swift’s rebellious re-release of her album — kicking off white girl weekend! Marcella shares a Neurosis Nimute online friends who make a million accounts and Niccole highlights the drama that lives in all of these niche communities in How Did We Get Here. Marcella and Niccole agree that Johnathan Majors is hot, and although Paul Rudd was named People magazine's sexiest, they aren't quite sold. Finally, Niccole wants people to think twice before posting crying selfies and Marcella wants people to be more conscious of the stuff they follow in their feeds.

TikTok's about online communities with drama

Mom communities, 

Bratz doll community, 

Crochet community, 

Plus size clothing community, 

The only community where there isn’t drama.


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Photography by Kim Newmoney

Head Inflation by Manuel Abady


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