Staying Friendly with Exes ft. podcasters Keith and the Girl

We welcome podcast pioneers Keith Malley and Chemda from the hit podcast Keith and The Girl. They are a former couple who wrote a relationship book (called "What Do We Do Now?: Keith and The Girl's Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions") while dating and broke up before it's release. They know everything when it comes to staying friendly with your ex. We discuss dating after a divorce, Chemda's experience being married to a trans man during his transition and what it was like living together after their own breakup. In dating news we debate whether or not to talk about exes on a first date and a study about late kissing bloomers. Then we dive into the mailbox to answer your listener questions including a listener who can’t handle her ex moving on and another listener who fell for her friend’s boyfriend after they had a three-way.

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