Why Your Pelvic Floor Matters to Your Sex Life ft. pelvic floor therapist Lindsey Vestal

We welcome pelvic floor therapist and owner of the Functional Pelvis Lindsey Vestal to talk all about the pelvic floor: why doing too many kegels is bad for you, why you shouldn't pee in packs or pee "just in case," why you might have pain during intercourse, bowel and urinary incontinence, kegels for men, constipation, prolapse and so much more (there's a TON of interesting stuff to cover)! In dating news we discuss how to get better meeting people IRL and when it's okay to have a crush when you're committed. Then we dive into the mailbox to answer one listener who wants to know why she gets discomfort during sex and another listener who needs help finding a graceful way to turn down second dates. 

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