3BH Presents Outlaws & Obelisks: Slowdown Showdown! Part 1

We're divin' back into the wild world of Utaram for this special 2-part adventure!!Four brave souls ventured into a slowdown, a place where time runs much slower, and traveled deep underground to Adukal, the City Below. Joined by a pair of Adukal citizens (their guide and their employer), they set out on a mission to bring down the greedy and corrupt magnate, Zane Bass, by robbing his secret stash of advanced pre-Calamity tech. Just as success seemed within reach, our heroes discovered that Bass was hiding an even more dangerous secret: an ancient vault full of horrifying batlike ghouls! Now they're on the run from a swarm of undead monsters! Can our heroes survive long enough to find the source of the threat and save the lives of everyone in the city? Or are they doomed to die and join the undead horde? Either way, it's gonna be a wild ride! Hitch up your mine cart and hold onto your hats, 'cause it's time for a slowdown showdown!!!This adventure is a two-part sequel to a one shot we performed as part of D&D Celebration 2021! Check out the original D&D Celebration adventure here!

Starring:Drakoniques as Karfe (Warforged Armorer Artificer) Grace Kelly Miller as Soraya Raqisa (Yuan-ti Pureblood Glamour Bard)Honey & Dice as Mari AKA Mirage (Halfling Gloom Stalker Ranger)Isa as Zavine (Half-Orc Chronurgy Wizard)Jonathan Charles as Onuris Budge (Simic Hybrid Moon Druid/Beast Barbarian) Kim Richards as Shadow Beyond the Veil (Tabaxi Grave Cleric)and Jeremy Cobb as our Resident DM!

Post-production by Seth Leue and Daniel Ramos

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