3BH Presents Outlaws & Obelisks: Slowdown Showdown! Part 2

After escaping the initial onslaught of bat-ghouls, our heroes have made their way back to the source of the horrifying attack! Can they find the cause of the undead swarm in time to stop it? It's a rootin' tootin' race against time in the thrilling conclusion to our tale!

This adventure is a two-part sequel to a one shot we performed as part of D&D Celebration 2021! Check out the original D&D Celebration adventure here!

Starring:Drakoniques as Karfe (Warforged Armorer Artificer) Grace Kelly Miller as Soraya Raqisa (Yuan-ti Pureblood Glamour Bard)Honey & Dice as Mari AKA Mirage (Halfling Gloom Stalker Ranger)Isa as Zavine (Half-Orc Chronurgy Wizard)Jonathan Charles as Onuris Budge (Simic Hybrid Moon Druid/Beast Barbarian) Kim Richards as Shadow Beyond the Veil (Tabaxi Grave Cleric)and Jeremy Cobb as our Resident DM!

Post-production by Seth Leue and Daniel Ramos

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