3BH Presents: "The Corrupted - Part 1" - With Navaar Jackson, Gabe Hicks, Lexi McQueen, and Drakoniques

Fight if you can. It's best to run. And if you hear them wailing... try to survive.

DISCLAIMER: since this episode has aired and in light of developments, Gabe Hicks has been removed from the cast list of 3 Black Halfling's 'The Corrupted' playthrough. We have decided to keep Part 1 live in its current edit out of respect for the time and effort the other players and editors put into this game. Gabe will not feature in Part 2 scheduled for April.

cw: zombie horror (vividly described)

As we round off Black History Month, we've gathered some of the greatest TTTRPG players around to come and play in a Last of Us Inspired one-shot, created by one of best zombie horror writers out there and also GM'ed by him; Navaar Jackson! In Navaar's "The Corrupted", our incredible players Gabe Hicks, Lexi McQueen, Drakoniques and Jeremy Cobb fight not just with the unknown threat that lurks around every corner, but also with the deep-seated conflicts they have with one another. Will they overcome their distrust and fight the monstrous things that hunt them together? Or will they tear one another down in their desperation to survive...

Part 2 coming soon.

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