"American Flag Through the Heart of Racism" - With Teri Gamble

Today the wonderful TTRPG extraordinaire Teri Gamble steps in as an honourary Black Halfling, as we reflect back on the Black Lives Matter movement of the past year and her new Podcast ‘Our Black History’. We’re also talking self-care, taking a break and avoiding burnout… even with the things that you love.

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Teri Gamble:

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook @TheTeriGamble

Co-Host at 'Horror Movie Survival Guide Podcast'

Co-Host at 'Our Black History Podcast'

'Pirates of Salt Bay' on Saving Throw Show 

Heartbeats https://www.twitch.tv/ripleyimprov 

Diversity Higher Comedy https://www.youtube.com/c/DIVERSITYHIGHERCOMEDY/featured

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