Big Trouble In Little Mineuse Ep 4: Blood Moon Melee

Utter chaos erupts at Bootleg Cave! Can our plucky band of youngsters make it out alive?

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Charlene Bayer (she/they) as Kimberly Patterson (she/her), the 11 year-old pigtailed preteen chess prodigy!

Connie Chang (they/he/she) as Jin Zheng (they/xe), the 16 year-old powerlifting thembo with a heart of gold!

Margaret Krohn (she/they) as Jenna Ainsley (she/they), the 12 year-old goth super sleuth who lives in a funeral home!

B. Dave Walters (he/him) as Buck Adams (he/him), the 17 year-old slacker philosopher who’s everybody’s friend!

Kelly Wright (they/them) as Jaime Patterson (he/him), the shy 17 year-old cinephile with a love of horror and Kevin Bacon!

And Jeremy Cobb as Your Very Neighborhood GM!

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