Big Trouble In Little Minuse Ep 5: Myriad Mysteries

Back at Silver Screen Rentals, our plucky band compare notes and consider the thermos the mad doctor left behind. What secrets lay within its glowing contents?

Charlene Bayer (she/they) as Kimberly Patterson (she/her), the 11 year-old pigtailed preteen chess prodigy!

Connie Chang (they/he/she) as Jin Zheng (they/xe), the 16 year-old powerlifting thembo with a heart of gold!

Margaret Krohn (she/they) as Jenna Ainsley (she/they), the 12 year-old goth super sleuth who lives in a funeral home!

B. Dave Walters (he/him) as Buck Adams (he/him), the 17 year-old slacker philosopher who’s everybody’s friend!

Kelly Wright (they/them) as Jaime Patterson (he/him), the shy 17 year-old cinephile with a love of horror and Kevin Bacon!

And Jeremy Cobb as Your Very Neighborhood GM!

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