City of the Black Rose: Episode 2 "The Shadow Unleashed"

DM NOTE: Unfortunately, Jasper was wrong about all three remaining CotBR episodes already being available on our Patreon. However, all three episodes are slated to release early on Patreon! Enjoy the first of the early Patreon episodes, and look out for the City Watch Talkbacks, coming soon!


Our hardboiled heroes head to Khauta Mine under cover of twilight, intent on delving deep into the belly of the mineshaft to find the source of the mysterious orb. But first, they've gotta get into the building. Did somebody say infiltration? 

Starring:Isa as Pimms (Goblin Rune Knight Fighter)Jasper William Cartwright as Duncan Dullahan (Dhampir Tabaxi Way of Mercy Monk)Jonathan Charles as Bilwop Wunkle (Forest Gnome Swarmkeeper Ranger)Teri Gamble as Zora Hildebrandt (Variant Human Great Old One Warlock)and Jeremy Cobb as our Resident DM!

Post-production by Seth Leue and Daniel Ramos

Art by Val Babayants

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