"Murder Comets and Space Clowns" - D&D Direct Announcements

Last week we were lucky enough to attend the virtual D&D Direct event where they FINALLY annouced Spelljammer, with a slew of other annoucements, most importantly of course playable space monkeys! We share what we are most excited about and in what way WOTC might have taken a postive step with this release! 

As promised in the episode here are the links to some of the epic smaller creators: 

THE AMAZING Coco Creates: https://www.cococreates.co.uk/ 

Coco Creates DnD Items: https://www.cococreates.co.uk/dnd-gaming-alternative 

Rook & The Raven; https://shop.therookandtheraven.com/ 

Nord Games: https://nordgamesllc.com/ 

DM's Guild: https://www.dmsguild.com/ 

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