Tales of Wagadu: The Curse of the Spider Queen Ep. 12 "The Cub and the Caterpillar: Part One"


Having gained an audience with the Great Golden-Eyed Griot, it's time for the Debs to receive whatever wisdom he can impart. But why does the mere mention of the Spider Queen fill him with such dread? There's only one way to get to the bottom of this: it's time for a story!

Featuring our incredible guest stars:Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo (they/them) as Ongenagama (she/her, The Strong Lionblood, Oath of the Ancients Paladin/Beast Barbarian)Krystina Arielle (she/her) as Noma (she/her, Lionblood, Queen of Ejozini and Wielder of the Fro)

Starring: Shamini Bundell (she/her) as Reth (they/she, Eland's Blessing Swala, Squared Circle Pugilist)Liv Kennedy (she/her) as Juji Osei (she/her, Bloom Emere, Circle of Stars Druid 4/Twilight Cleric 2)Jonathan Charles (he/him) as Aboade (he/him, Copper Ironmaster, Battle Smith Artificer)Jasper William Cartwright (he/him) as Mooti Qobaa (he/him, Half Moon Daa'ima)and Jeremy Cobb (he/him) as your Very Neighborhood Dungeon Master!

Post-production by Seth Leue and Daniel Ramos

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