"That Cobb & Kennedy Magic" - D&D Announcements and Struggles!

Jeremy's jet-lagged and Liv's exhausted, so it's a perfect time to record an episode! Join us as we discuss the newly-announced D&D crossover with Minecraft, the recent D&D VTT announcement, the even more recent discussion of the VTT at the Creator Summit, and much more!  RELEVANT LINKS:Follow The Wagadu Chronicles!:https://twitter.com/wagaduchronicle?lang=en 

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Polygon Minecraft Announcement Article:https://www.polygon.com/23659183/dungeons-dragons-minecraft-dlc-release-date

Benedict Cumberbatch Drow Lullaby:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK9ZUZvr70Y&ab_channel=CritAcademy 

Dicebreaker VTT Article: https://www.dicebreaker.com/series/dungeons-and-dragons/news/dnd-virtual-tabletop-playtest-2023Daniel Kwan's summary of the D&D Creator Summit: https://danielhkwan.substack.com/p/dnd-creator-summit

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