"The Whole Halfling Huddle" - Answering Your Questions

It's time for another Q&A! Once again, Liv and Jeremy are hopping into our Discord to answer more of your burning questions. Stay tuned to hear them talk about running a Session 0, the 3 R's of Incorporating a Culture or Group that Isn't Yours, and whether Jeremy is less "friendly" or "neighborhood" as a DM!

3 R's for Incorporating a Culture or Group that Isn't Yours:Respect - Show respect for the culture you're drawing from, taking it seriously and avoiding harmful stereotypes. For example, if something is sacred or offensive to that culture or has particular significance, take that into account when you consider adapting that thing for your character/world.Research - Look up information about the culture from multiple sources, ideally sources created by people from that culture. Be sure to research common stereotypes and pitfalls when depicting the culture so you don't blunder into them by mistake. Finally, not everyone has the resources for it, but if you do, hiring a sensitivity consultant to take a look at your plans could be a great idea.Relax - You'll probably make a mistake at some point, so be sure to handle it with grace and humility! Listen to people who know better when they point out where you messed up. It's okay to make mistakes as long as you sincerely apologize and learn from them.

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