"Ultimate GM Snack? Soup!" - With Kay and Sam Lubwika Bartlett (Roll & Play Press)

We know you've seen Roll & Play Press' EVERYWHERE - from Critical Role to High Rollers, but did you know the dream team behind this new industry giant was a nerd and a boffin? Yes, fresh off the heels of their incredibly successful Map Library kickstarter, today Jasper and Liv are joined by CEO Kay Lubwika Bartlett and CCO Sam Bartlett! From what might be the most wholesome love-story-turned-business-partnership in TTRPG history, to creating an organic TTRPG kickstarter that raised over £200,000, and key tips to breaking into the industry, Kay and Sam share with us how it's done!

(Disclaimer: please do not try and eat soup while GMing. None of us have actually done it, but it just feels wrong and you know it.)

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The Map Library (You can see why Liv was salivating now)


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