BREAKING DAWN PART 1 with Joel Jensen

Watch us unravel as we recap the most fucked installment of the Twilight series yet, BREAKING DAWN PT. 1!!! Thank god we are joined by Horrorspondent, Joel Jensen, who wrote this Letterboxd review that is now burned into our brain: "There is no story here, only an all-pervading pathology hallucinated into being through the instruments of our generation’s best and worst actors, all buckling under the weight of delirious conservatism and craven market exploitation. A defining document of American Puritanism in that it bears no meaning, only fear and shareholder value. Fear of sex, yes, but also of virginity. Fear of both abortion and motherhood, of fetus and baby, of hate and love, of fathers and lovers, of Brazil and Switzerland." thank you joel we love you <3


Movie stats @ 15:18

Recap @ 34:51

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