with David Rosenberg and Jeff Rosenberg and Ana Nicolich

10 The 10thebration

Video Link!

The boys celebrate their 10th episode in style by blowing all their ad revenue an oculus rift, a GoPro, and a bottle of bubbly wine. Dave tries to blend the already blurry concept of gender, Jeff goes after the big corporations and Mike has a pretty little idea for Waze/Google Maps.

If you want to experience the episode from Jeff's POV click the annotations! But BE WARNED that Jeff has a crick in his neck and the video could make you sick.

Also: Check in with the twitter accountTwinnovationPod this week for information on the upcoming Reddit AMA!

Wired is going to want to write about this trans media work of art, no doubt. Hit us up Wired- we'll be chilling in the Oculus.