National sickout: Monday March 15, 2021.

“What up schemers, dreamers, misdemeanors, and herbs? It is time for the Nation to truly riiiiiise up! As we cross the 1 year anniversary of what has been the BEAST year of our lives may I pose a question? .....please do.

Do you remember the 13th? .......

Yes, thats right Ana. I am talking about Friday the 13th of March, 2020. Basically the unofficial start of the national lockdown. For me March 12 was a normal day working as usual. Then suddenly a NCAA basketball game was stopped at half time, schools were closed, and companies decided it was a great time to lay everyone off. By Friday the 13th the lockdown had effectively commenced, very spooky. The speed of the lay offs and the stock market crash exposed a broken system and the political action it spurred made me realize the power of the people and our labor.

Now... Today.. Here.. On this podcast... I am proposing a new national holiday to "Remember the 13th" of March 2020 with a national sickout to peacefully demand changes to the glaring inequalities 2020 exposed. The idea is a sickout holiday every year on March 13th. If the 13th is on a weekend, like this year, then the sickout is the monday after. So this year on March 15th we will Remember the 13th by calling out sick and not buying anything. This will show the nation is strong, united, and wants change. It will flex the power of our labor and our money. I think it should also re-occur 6 months later on September 13th to show we mean business. We need more mandated holidays anyways. Also, I know times for many are still extremely tough so I don’t want anyone to take any risks they don't feel comfortable with or that might cost them their tenuous employment. It is everyone's personal choice to participate or not. And this is obviously totally 100% peaceful.

What change are we expecting from this sickout? It should focus on issues 2020 exposed and have gone unaddressed for too long. For me its income inequality. What I found it so disturbing in 2020 was that our essential worker's were basically our minimum wage folks. Minimum wage is straight up not enough money, we all know if minimum wage kept pace with inflation and productivity it would be above $20/hr. Source And we are struggling to find political will to raise it to $15/hr over 4 years. That lack of political will comes from national representatives making $175,000+. We also know billionaires gained 1 trillion in wealth as the stock market rocketed up Source And I would remind you that the top 1% owns 88.1% of the stock market Source so those gains are concentrated in the already insanely wealthy. Other changes off the top of the dome are: how about a national deadly police shooting database and an end to no knock warrants? How about universal health care, workers rights, and vacation time/family leave similar to Europeans?

Together we will show them that we remember the power of the people and we will Remember the 13th of March every year until change comes. Tweet using #Rememberthe13th #Nationalsickout

So join me Nation in Riiiising up and Remember the 13th this coming Monday!”

Speech writer: Redditor u/WhatuKnowAboutMoney

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