Friendsgiving - Headgum Happy Hour: A Stand-up Show - 002

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We're back, and you're back: it's Headgum Happy Hour, Episode 2!

During this second hang in the backyard of our Silverlake studios, we're joined by friends-and-comedians Mike Falzone, Mo Welch, Holmes Holmes and Ify Nwadiwe to talk Thanksgiving, family, ham, buttholes, VR porn, God... you know, the regular stuff that comes up around the holiday table.

Hosted by your pals Danny Sellers and Amir Blumenfeld (with a special appearance by everyone’s favorite holiday guest, Geoffrey James).

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Join us for Headgum Happy Hour, a monthly stand up comedy show! Featuring the talents of Headgum staff and beloved stand ups who were available that night, Headgum Happy Hour is recorded live and dutifully preserved for both historical posterity and your listening pleasure.

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