Our Own Brand of Comedy - Headgum Happy Hour: A Stand-up Show - 004

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We’re not sure what’s in the air, but something about mid-February got us thinking about relationships. For our first New York installment of Headgum Happy Hour hosted by Jake and Amir, we invited some of our favorite comedic duos and headed to Caveat. We were joined by Dan Licata & Eliza Hurwitz, Sam Taggart & George Civeris, Charlie Bardey & Natalie Rotter-Laitman, and Jo Firestone & Aparna Nancherla. No stone was left unturned with prescient coverage of the little known 6th Queer Eye cast member, love at first helicopter ride, being a bad nanny, dog beauty standards, M3GAN, having a taste for soft wet foods, Jake and Amir’s pilot, and more!

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